Take a look at this 1994 Safari Continental renovation: The bathroom is beyond compare

"It's bananas to sell everything you own and move into an RV, right?" Lacy Young asks the readers of her blog. Followed by, "But you know what...we LOVE bananas!" it is evident the couple behind this RV renovation have zero regrets. Why should they? Their home on wheels is just as comfortable and inviting as any stationary home.
Lacy Young, her husband Cliff, and their cat Ned purchased their 1994 Safari Continental in 2014. They originally planned on completing some minor renovations before hitting the road but ran into some complications along the way. After finding mold within the RV, the couple was inspired to go all out, gut the place, and truly customize it into the home they've always dreamed of. They finished the renovation at "warp speed" and moved in within a month. They call their new home "Kale on Wheels."
When the family is not cruising down the highway to their next destination, this is what the interior looks like. When on the move, all of the items fit into collapsible storage containers and are put in the bedroom.
Directly behind the driver's seat, is the living area. Custom bookshelves were built for the space. Each shelf has a raised edge that keeps everything in place.
We love this kitchen, and Ned seems to approve of it too! After removing the outdated appliances, the couple refinished the counters and cupboards with beautiful teal paint and butcher block countertops.
Plenty of cabinet space is a necessity when downsizing to an RV. Lacy made sure she would have access to a smoothie station, even while living on the road.
The original floors were ripped out and replaced with a cork flooring and a variety of area rugs. Additional cabinets are lined up in the hallway, making it easy for the couple to store objects while on the road.
The compact bathroom features a full sized tub, composting toilet, and a vintage, hair washing sink. The floors are finished with pebbles that "give a mini foot massage every time you walk on them".
With a little bit of magic and a lot of pushing and pulling, the couple was able to squeeze their king-sized mattress into the bedroom. The hand-picked, reclaimed wood headboard is Lacy's favorite part of her new home.
Check out this wonderfully organized office space. What doesn't this RV have?
But the best part of any RV renovation is the places you go when it is completed. There is nothing quite like driving up to a beautiful scene in your own home and gazing out of the window at your new backyard.
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