Check out this renovated motorhome: The bold, innovative interior is a must-see

One of biggest complaints that RV renovators seem to have is the dominance of one color. People spend weeks or months ripping out brown carpet or painting over wood paneling. Many love to throw out the old tan upholstery in exchange for something more modern or more colorful. This particular family faced many of the same issues; however, a desire for more color was not one of them.
Rather than completely abolish the monochromatic color schemes that are standard in many RV interiors, they took it a step further. This family replaced all of the browns and tans for a motor home completely dominated by black, white and gray.
The result is a polished, elegant interior that doesn't need a single drop of color to be bold and beautiful. The stark contrast of black and white makes for a dramatic design experience without forfeiting the comfort of home.
As soon as you walk through the door, you're reminded of one of the many reasons it is important to care about our environment.
Your eyes will be both pleased and excited as you look around this home. The owners made sophisticated use of stripes, dark blacks and bold text, so there is always something to capture your attention.
For small spaces, it is necessary to have a clean, open kitchen. We love how the couple decided on white for the cabinets because it allows the light to reflect and fill the whole camper.
When inside this camper, you will feel like you are in an old-time movie. Every surface is black, white or gray. Its elegant simplicity is enough to make you doubt the use of color in your home at all.
This tiny plant provides the only pop of green in the whole home. Even without the plant, this two-toned bathroom would still be beautiful.
Just like this pillow says, happiness is not a destination. However, with this amazing motor home, this family is definitely heading in the right direction.
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