Tour this lovely sunlit Royals International RV: The interior is stunningly luxurious

How can a golf trip get any better than having the course right outside your front door? Why stay at a hotel down the road when you can rent a gorgeous RV just steps from the first hole? This Royals International RV is a golf lover's dream, and it is sure to make your buddies back at home undeniably jealous.
This RV is available to rent through Airbnb and is located in Cathedral City just five miles from Downtown Palm Springs. The RV is a part of Outdoor Resorts, a private resort community complete with pools, tennis courts, restaurants, and a bar. More specifically, this cozy lodging sits on hole 14 of a palm tree-lined 36-hole, 3 par golf course. What's not to love?
When you wake up in a bed as soft and cozy as this, you know it is going to be a great day.
Start your morning off right by making yourself at home in this bright and spacious living room. The recliner nook is a great spot to wake up, sip your morning coffee, and catch up on the news.
You can't have a long day of golfing without having a solid breakfast first. The dining room in this place is amazing and features a full table with pull out chairs rather than a traditional dinette.
After breakfast, you're ready to hit the course. It's going to be hard not to get distracted by the incredible views in the background of your putt. ​
The best part about being so close to the course is that you are only a short walk back home when it's time for lunch. Luckily, this RV has an awesome kitchen for cooking in.
Don't forget to make some time to hop in the swimming pool.
When you're done swimming, there is a nice, big shower awaiting your return.
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