Prepare to be amazed when you see how spacious this little Lance trailer really is

When you first set your eyes on this 2015 Lance travel trailer, you might wonder, "How in the world can that tiny camper accommodate seven people?" From the outside, it might seem impossible—but once you step inside, you will be amazed by how open and spacious this camper really is.
Whether you are a family with many kids or a group of friends looking for a great place to stay in Colorado, this camper is the perfect solution to the problems that arise when traveling with multiple people. The secret to its success is the wonderful space-saving sleeping arrangement known as bunk beds. Also, it is pretty hard to beat the price of an Airbnb when it is only 50 US dollars.
Even if you are traveling with seven people, you won't feel cramped at all in this trailer. With just one slide-out, this living area is surprisingly open and has plenty of space to move around.
Even the dinette booth has room for the whole family.
You might be playing rock, paper, scissors to decide on who gets to sleep in this queen-sized memory foam bed...
...but getting one of these adorable triple bunks is equally awesome.
Even the bathroom is a great size for such a small camper...
...and has plenty of storage for everyone's toiletries.
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