This motorhome may look plain, but the interior is super cozy

Sometimes it is nice to take a rest from your day-to-day life in exchange for some peace and quiet in a pleasant neighborhood. When that trip involves RV camping, it becomes even more enjoyable. This particular motorhome is located in a tranquil neighborhood in Morgantown, West Virginia and is ideal for a weekend getaway.
When you rent this motorhome through Airbnb, you will enjoy the atmosphere of a quiet neighborhood while also having easy access to the city's popular downtown attractions and historic sites. The living area is warm and spacious and can accommodate up to three people. The best part is, an amazing stay won't cost you more than 50 USD a night.
The interior of this motorhome is guaranteed to make visitors feel right at home. This large and fully functioning kitchen has everything you need all you need to do is bring your favorite ingredients to cook a delicious meal.
This lovely floral couch is the perfect place to sip a cup of coffee, read a book, or take a well-deserved nap.
The matching dinette booth is just as nice to look at as it is comfortable to sit at. Enjoy nice garden views as you eat lunch.
If you are traveling with children, they will love to crawl up in the bunk above the front seats. The curtains can be closed for privacy.
This bathroom is a perfect size for this motorhome. While compact, it does have a full-size walk-in shower and even room for a full-length mirror.
Take some time to sleep in in the morning. This bed will make it hard not to.
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